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Why GemTek?

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We Care About Your Reputation.

When clients engage a consulting firm, they are entrusting it with their potential future staff. Who you choose is important to your brand and image in the marketplace.

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GemTek is quickly becoming a well-known, respected boutique firm that believes in the value of true partnerships based upon trust, transparency and collaboration.
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GemTek represents Responsible Recruitment and takes all measures to fully understand each job before a single call is made. We understand the immense responsibility the hiring lifecycle has within a company; this is why we pride ourselves on our relationships with our candidates.
Our core values and how we treat people are paramount to us; we have been recognized many times among candidates for our caring nature and consistent communication through the entire hiring lifecycle.

The Founder & CEO, Gina Matteson has an abundant amount of recommendations on LinkedIn and is consistently recognized for her genuine care for all parties involved.

We Save Time, Money & Resources.

In this economy, it is significantly advantageous for a company to engage GemTek.

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Our mission for our client: drive efficiency and reduce costs through Recruitment, Executive Search, HR 4 HIRE, and Business Technology Solutions. Let's Get Started.

There is overwhelming pressure to finding leaders and staff who have the skills and experience necessary to succeed.

GemTek understands this critical component, and due to its tenure, it can provide insight into industry-specific hiring trends and salary ranges. Trust GemTek.

Industries Served.

Across Canada & the United States.

Real Estate & Relocation.
Information Technology.
Financial Services.
Construction, Energy, and Manufacturing.
Oil, Gas & Mining.
Canadian and US Government Sector.

Our Experience.

GemTek is a value-based organization, and is guided by a set of principles including: Trust, Transparency, Integrity, Inclusion, and Passion.

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With more than twenty (20) years of business experience in various industries, we understand what it takes to drive strategic value from your people so you stay ahead of the curve and outperform your competitors.

GemTek is committed to re-installing trust among the candidate population by operating with 'Responsible Recruiting' values. The best way to retain employees is to boost employee engagement, which will build loyalty and stem the tide of resignations.

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