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Client Endorsement
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“We got a chance to work with Gina Matteson, a world-class technical recruiter (who is on my leadership team) by hiring GemTek as our “People Practice Partner.”

Thank you Gina for your world-class attentiveness to helping Soar on the journey to a world-class culture and company.

You are truly amazing professionals and friends. I highly recommend working with GemTek. Let me know if you want an introduction.”

Paul Allen,
Founder of
Client Endorsement
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“AGF Rebar Inc. began working with Gina Matteson and GEMTEK in September 2020. Since then, Gina has been an integral in helping us fill 8 key positions with excellent talent. Gina’s work is beyond words! Her fantastic approach to customer service and keen eye for detail has developed the strong working relationship that AGF has with GEMTEK today. Our favourite aspect of working with Gina is her proactiveness in helping us solve our recruitment needs, especially in light of COVID-19 and the problematic labour market. Gina is always full of energy and ready to take on any challenge! We would highly recommend Gina and GEMTEK to any organization that needs a solution to their recruitment problems. She is really “Business Focused and People Driven”!”

Patrycja Wygnal
HR Manager, Ontario & Western Canada
Client Endorsement

“Working with GemTek and Gina was simple and remarkably efficient. Gina has an exceptional grasp of her business. She constantly validates her understanding of her mandate and can move swiftly in case of any changes. She supported our company in filling two challenging roles within a short period of time. Gina doesn't take anything for granted and is always ready to move further with exceptional energy. Thank you, Gina!”

Ronny Aoun
Founder of Valital
Client Endorsement
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“ I've had the pleasure of working with Gina for a couple of years now, she has done a lot of recruiting for us at TekSavvy, she has helped us recruit various roles within the organization, from developers to executives. I highly recommend Gina for any of your recruitment needs, she is dependable, personable, available and it does not take her a long time to understand your needs! If she lived closer to our head office I would headhunt her myself to work for us directly!”

Pierre Aube Jr.
COO at TekSavvy
Client Endorsement
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“Gina consistently offers excellent and responsive service. She has been able to find fantastic candidates and helped finalise the offer process. I strongly recommend her services.”

Natasha Ell Saunders
Chief Legal Officer at TekSavvy
Client Endorsement
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“I have had the pleasure of working with Gina at GemTek. She is a lovely person with a wonderful approach to talent selection. Her warmth and passion for people is exhibited from the moment you speak with her. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend her services.”

HR Executive
Client Endorsement

“Been working with Gina since 2004. She helped me staff a huge project for the City of Phoenix and recently helped me fill some critical team members on my networking team. She always came through no matter what the request was or the difficult skillsets we needed. She is very professional and excellent at what she does!”

Jerry Simpson
City of Phoenix, IT Manager
Client Endorsement

“Gina's commitment to her constituents is unparalleled. She consistently demonstrates the ability to create and nurture long-term, sustainable relationships. Her caring consultative approach is at the foundation of her successful track record of delivering sales and service excellence. I highly recommend her.”

Bennett Ockrim Global Leader at E&Y
Client Endorsement

"I would be very confident and pleased to highly recommend Gina for both job seekers and employers!

On the personal level, Gina is a very pleasant person to work with, she is very good listener, honest, straight forward, clear, positive, patient and supportive. She is very passionate about HR field, when you interact with her you can see clearly that she truly puts her soul into what she is doing.

Gina is very motivated and driven by the achievement she feels as well as the satisfaction and appreciation she sees in the eyes of both the employer and the successful candidate.

On the professional level, she is very different and absolutely knows what the core of HR is. “When hiring, hire based on character. Skills can be taught but character is what they are” I strongly believe that this is exactly what Gina is doing, which, in my perspective, is the most important factor in a successful match between candidates and opportunities. Unlike most of “recruiters” nowadays, Gina does not Just depend on some software or couple of keywords mentioned on a job description or resume to make a match, which can be easily worked around and usually ends up with disappointment, or just bombard employers with many resumes aiming that one of them attracts attention and gets picked up. She dives deep in what is written from both sides and read very carefully what lies between the lines, thanks to her deep knowledge in the field, long experience, attention to details and the ability to see the whole picture. Then she concludes the key factors of success for the role considering all different factors and the core strengths of each candidate and makes a match, she also gets this match score verified during the screening calls / interviews.

Gina provides clarity that keeps job seekers focused and saves time and efforts they waste because a recruiter is simply trying his/her luck, she also guides applicants professionally and clearly through the process till the end.

On the other side, Gina saves the most valuable resource for organizations which is time. Her methodology and selection criteria increases applicant's opportunities to succeed in their new roles which positively affects employee's productivity, satisfaction, engagement and retention; which are part of the most essential indicators of a successful organization and a good work place.

Keep the good work and the positive spirits up Gina, you deserve all the best!"

Samir Sabry Hassan
Contracts & Projects Manager
Candidate Endorsement

“I would like to say Gina Matteson has been a real pleasure to work with From when I was first contacted by her to the ongoing conversations along the way to make sure that the position was going well. She always took an interest in the person not just a number in a company. This is by far the best recruiter I have worked within the industry she always stands by her word.

Pete Rusinek
Senior Network Engineer
Candidate Endorsement

“Gina was a pleasure to work with throughout the recruitment process, and provided excellent advice and help on all levels. Gina was great at keeping in touch with updates and handing any issues. She was able to place me into a new role within two weeks after being referred to her. Gina is a great professional extremely committed and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!”

Don Wheeler
Project Manager, Phoenix, AZ
Candidate Endorsement

“What a difference working with a professional such as Gina can make. Constant communication, kept me informed and up to date with client data, decision-making deadlines, next steps, etc. From the onset, I knew this working relationship would be different. Can't say enough about her follow up actions, and her well-established relationships with her various customers. That type of synergy is earned over time and speaks volumes about how her dedication equals results”

Guy Nelson
Director of Business Operations at ManCom Inc.
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