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GemTek provides IT Consulting, Contract-to-hire, Perm Placement, Executive Search and HR Solutions across Canada & the US.

IT Recruiting | Executive Search.

GemTek is breaking barriers with its hands-on, client centric, white-gloved service and, candidate focused processes.

Leadership demands have grown exponentially. Recruitment is more about partnership and understanding people & business needs now more than ever before. Becoming agile in an ever-changing environment means the ability to attract talented people that are the right fit.

The demands on leadership have never been greater. This is why companies today want more than a tradional ‘recruiting company’, they want personalized solutions in true partnership. This is GemTek.

GemTek has an extensive network of candidates using its proprietary AI based recruiting platform with proven, pre-qualified professionals that are ready for a change.

Our customizable solution is is the cornerstone of our relationship-based approach that leads to high retention of 95% and satisfaction for both clients and candidates.

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GemTek is the strategic partner you never knew you needed.
This is Key. This is GemTek.


GemTek provides a range of supportive services to assist organizations with their human resource needs.

GemTek's bespoken ‘HR 4 HIRE’ is a scalable, flexible HR Solution service that can provide executive input for projects, change management, skill gap analysis or as an ‘as needed’ service.

With a team of HR experts readily available with varying years of experience across a plethora of industries, we know we can manage the toughest of challenges that clients face in today's ever changing and evolving market.

With customized solutions to meet any clients’ needs, we help drive innovation and productivity, all the while ensuring full HR compliance, diversity, inclusion, and the implementation of best practices across the workplace.

Services include:
IT Consulting | Contract-to-Hire | Direct Hire | Executive Search | HR Solutions

This is GemTek.

IT Consulting | Direct Hire | Executive Search.

Work with GemTek to design a solution that is unique to your company's needs. Let us transform your talent acquisition strategy and processes with the right balance of technology, people & data.

GemTek is pleased to provide IT consulting, contract-to-hire, executive search, direct hire and, HR Solutions.

Today's candidates are looking to feel empowered and valued.

GemTek is your partner to ensure the candidates' needs are met by sourcing you the best people for your company, mirroring the wider organizational strategy, mission and goals.

Every transaction, every project must be a win win for both the client and candidate; this is the only way to stem the tide of resignations and reduce time wasted on training the wrong person who didn't have your same values in mind.

This is precisely why GemTek works very closely with both parties; we help eliminate much of that risk and time wasted.....we have the experience behind us to back that statement up along with a 95% success rate with our placed candidates!

Do it right the 'first time' with GemTek.

GemTek’s breadth of service offerings, its large network and its AI-based platform gives it the data and access required to ensure it is providing its clients with the competitive edge needed for excellence in talent acquisition.

We use market insights, our extensive experience, pay data, custom AI tools, and access to our proprietary database to help you find and access great candidates at every level.

When employees are engaged and feel valued, organizations will benefit from higher profits, customer satisfaction, revenue growth, productivity, innovation, and employee retention. It is critical now more than ever that companies start building an environment where employees feel empowered in their work. In the past, employers believed they could build a great employee experience by piling on more dollars and for many that was true…but not today, not in this market.

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Today, it takes more to create an exceptional experience that resonates with your employees.

Don’t trust this critical business function to just anyone, trust GemTek.

Examples of positions we provide but not limited to:

Cloud Computing Engineer, Computer Network Specialist.
Database Administration, Database Architect.
Information Security Specialist, Cybersecurity Specialist.
Software/Application Developer, Web Developer.
Information Technologist, Analyst, QA Tester.
Production Engineer, Health & Safety Specialist, Plant Manager.
C / D / VP Level Executive Search.
Engineering Project Manager, Construction Project Manager.
Project Estimator, Project Controller.
Legal, Human Resource roles, Payroll Specialist.

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user.

Cloud is the ultimate enabler, opening new channels of revenue by leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Other topics like data analytics, networking, project management and cybersecurity.


Data management is an administrative process that includes acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, and processing required data to ensure the accessibility, reliability, and timeliness of the data for its users.
Analytics and data management are growing skill needs as organizations are striving to be more data-driven. By 2025, IDC estimates the world will create and replicate 163 zettabytes (ZB) of data, 10 times the number that was created in 2016.


Uncertain political and economic climate requires innovative leadership. Moreover, strong leadership remains to be the greatest competitive advantage in the Oil & Energy, Mining, Manufacturing, Construction and Forestry Industries. With increasing geopolitical pressures impacting the cost efficiency of these global industries, it is the operators and contractors who transform innovation into prosperity. As activity becomes increasingly expensive, industry leaders must improve operational efficiency and seek to optimize collaborative partnerships to mitigate rising risk within the industry.


How many times have you heard it? There's an app for that.

The suggestion offered by a friend who has just heard you complain about some mundane task you'd rather not have to spend your precious free time doing.

Having a mobile application has become a necessity for virtually every company these days. It not only empowers brand building, but also improves user engagement, increases awareness, and enhances revenue growth.

GemTek has extensive experience successfully placing all levels application developers with a wide range of skills & experience.


Enterprise architecture (EA) is "a well-defined practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation, using a comprehensive approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of strategy.

There is an increasing pressure on organizations to align departments and has become a more complex assignment given emerging technologies. Systems and enterprise architecture professionals are needed to ensure legacy programs and procedures align with modern practices. It’s a highly complex role that requires a lot of planning and coordination with different departments.


Computer security, cybersecurity or information technology security is the protection of computer systems and networks from the theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.

There is so much at stake when it comes to your data, that’s why security is the top concern for a majority of companies. Cyber attacks are escalating in frequency and sophistication. As a result, companies are scrambling to hire cyber professionals, and they’re not always succeeding.


No matter if times are good or bad, it’s hard to imagine life without communication and data processing.

That’s why Technology & Telecommunications Sector is so vital to business. GemTek has extensive experience telecommunications space, please call us today so we can fill your position tomorrow!

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GemTek is pleased to offer 'HR 4 HIRE'. As leaders in Organizational Consulting, we have the skills, experience and dexterity to manage a scalable HR function for any client, saving you the burdensome overhead costs.

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Why Human Resources is Critical to Business Strategies:

Organizations that thrive are those best able to align their culture to their strategy. But transforming workforce culture is difficult.

It means undoing unspoken ‘rules’ and challenging unconscious behaviors. It determines what people do when no one is telling them what to do. Let GemTek assist in helping with these issues by using our various service offerings.

1. HR Support & Advice - Packages

Companies who need general HR advice and require basic support may find the best solution is GemTek’s Pre Packaged Monthly Support options.
After our initial consultation, we can determine the package that best supports your company’s needs and can be flexible from one month to the next. GemTek offers big services on a scalable level at cost-effective prices based on your specific needs.

10 hours / per month
20 hours / per month
40 hours / per month
2. Specialized HR Projects

GemTek has a world class HR executive team ready to work with you on strategic HR initiatives.

Please see our comprehensive list of services below.
This specialty service offering allows our client to work side by side with an HR expert on a full-time or limited-time basis to complete specific goals and objectives.

The Benefit For You: GemTek's flexible approach means that projects can be adjusted continuously. Use the hours in any way you want.

Our HR experts can assist with, but are not limited to:

Employee Engagement Surveys & Workplace Insights.
Labor Relations & Litigation Preparation.
Executive & Performance Coaching.
Leadership Training & Development.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion programs.
Compensation, Reward & Benefits.
Emergency & Disaster Planning.
Organizational Restructuring & Transformation.
Merger & Acquisitions.

Types of Services Provided (in detail)


We provide strategic HR and employment-related legislation consultation and guidance to employers across Canada, US and Internationally. This includes providing advice on compliance, best practices, policy development and implementation, as well as Manager and employee education and training. We help clients build and maintain sound HR systems across their organizations footprint by:

Conducting HR compliance and HR best practice audits/assessments

Strategizing on HR best practices to mitigate potential exposure and maximize employee engagement

Developing customized HR practices and policies

Training employees and Managers on HR best practices and employment law compliance in key areas such as workplace harassment, discrimination and human rights legislation.


Conducting HR compliance and HR best practice audits/assessments Strategizing on HR best practices to mitigate potential exposure and maximize employee engagement Developing customized HR practices and policies

Training employees and Managers on HR best practices and employment law compliance in key areas such as workplace harassment, discrimination and human rights legislation.

Reviewing health and safety policies and practices to highlight potential risk areas and recommending action plans to address any apparent liability

Training Managers, Supervisors, and employees on their health and safety responsibilities and related compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act

Attending safety groups on your behalf, then developing and designing implementation plans for the appropriate element/policies to ensure compliance and to maximize business benefits.


We work to understand our clients’ compensation philosophies and existing policies, then provide the strategic insights they need to improve practices and compete for top talent in their respective industries. Our team provides the following compensation and benefit services:

Job Evaluation

Market bench marking and analysis

Pay banding

Annual increase process

Benefits renewals


GemTek’s experts work with North America’s top executives to help optimize their personal and professional lives. The goal: helping them achieve greater focus to drive the success of their organizations, while achieving greater work-life balance. We work with leaders in:

Identifying and determining ways to leverage their strengths and highlight areas for additional professional development

Discovering strategies to become more effective, engaged, and productive leaders

Creating strategies to manage and target their entrepreneurial energy to drive organization-wide success

Providing feedback, guidance, and support in developing ways to confront common issues.


What differentiates top organizations from their poorer-performing competitors? Industry leaders make consistent, large-scale investments in the professional development of their employees, all in an effort to build and maintain high-performing cultures that drive new product and service innovations at every turn. GemTek’s team is committed to helping organizations across industries nurture their employees’ development and remain competitive to attract the talent they need to succeed. We accomplish this by helping organizations with the following:

Evaluate the effectiveness of existing development programs to quantify their impact

Strategize learning and development needs that align with organizational strategies and growth objectives

Conduct needs assessments to identify employee gaps in knowledge, skills, and behavior

Design customized, interactive, action-learning-based workshops that focus on the concept of “learning by doing” to build and reinforce behavioral capabilities.


We partner with organizations undergoing strategic shifts in their business, helping companies such as yours align strategy, culture, structure and talent with a key goal: driving growth and delivering high-impact business results. Organizations that thrive are those best able to align their culture to their strategy. But transforming workforce culture is difficult. It means undoing unspoken rules and challenging unconscious behaviors. It determines what people do when no one is telling them what to do. Our experts works with your internal stakeholders to ensure that strategic direction is clear, that the appropriate infrastructure and supports are in place, that the initiative is well planned and executed and that the model of success is clearly defined.

Organizational review

Departmental review

Process and innovation review

Strategy development

Strategy execution


Over time, an underdeveloped or neglected HR infrastructure can threaten an organizations stability. We help our clients build the critical human resources infrastructure they need to engage, motivate, and develop employees. Our proactive, strategically focused approach not only drives engagement levels, but allows employers to establish the kind of programs and services that employees need to realize their workplace potential.

HR program development

Implementation support

Communications planning

These shifts require a robust and integrated change-management methodology designed to ensure the smooth transition while accelerating the adoption of any new operational strategy.

Strategy development

Communications planning and support

Implementation support


We’re often engaged by our clients to coach newly promoted HR practitioners, as well as mentor HR practitioners aiming to build capability in certain key HR practice areas. Our mentoring and coaching services not only help strengthen the skills of HR professionals across industries but build HR teams that think strategically and implement business-building measures proactively. Our mentoring and coaching model is flexible and scalable, adjusting to the support and development requirements of individual HR practitioners. Our services include:

Providing on-site coaching and mentoring support

Providing on-call coaching and mentoring support

Providing hybrid on-site, on-call coaching and mentoring support.


Workplace culture holds the potential in playing a pivotal role in recruiting top talent, shaping employee behavior and meeting business goals. Employee engagement, productivity and retention are all impacted by the clarity and approach of the organization to establish an inviting workplace culture. Organizations that are intentional about workplace culture will foster and support behaviors necessary to positively impact performance.

With the demands of increasing globalization and changing demographics, organizations are recognizing the need to adapt, and the benefits of, embracing a cross-culturally diverse workplace. Organizations equipped to connect, and support diversity broadens community engagement and talent acquisition.

Our experts will work with you to develop customized strategies designed to align your organizations values and visions with the tools required in developing and nourishing your company’s culture.

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