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Talent Acquisition

GemTek is breaking barriers with its hands-on, client centric, white-gloved service and, candidate focused processes.

IT Consulting | Direct Hire | Executive Search.

Work with GemTek to design a solution that is unique to your company's needs. Let us transform your talent acquisition strategy and processes with the right balance of technology, people & data.

GemTek is pleased to provide IT consulting, contract-to-hire, executive search, direct hire and, HR Solutions.

Today's candidates are looking to feel empowered and valued.

GemTek is your partner to ensure the candidates' needs are met by sourcing you the best people for your company, mirroring the wider organizational strategy, mission and goals.

Every transaction, every project must be a win win for both the client and candidate; this is the only way to stem the tide of resignations and reduce time wasted on training the wrong person who didn't have your same values in mind.

This is precisely why GemTek works very closely with both parties; we help eliminate much of that risk and time wasted.....we have the experience behind us to back that statement up along with a 95% success rate with our placed candidates!

Do it right the 'first time' with GemTek.

Today, it takes more to create an exceptional experience that resonates with your employees.

Don’t trust this critical business function to just anyone, trust GemTek.

GemTek has an extensive network of candidates using its proprietary AI based recruiting platform with proven, pre-qualified professionals that are ready for a change.

Our customizable solution is is the cornerstone of our relationship-based approach that leads to high retention of 98% and satisfaction for both clients and candidates.

When employees are engaged and feel valued, organizations will benefit from higher profits, customer satisfaction, revenue growth, productivity, innovation, and employee retention. It is critical now more than ever that companies start building an environment where employees feel empowered in their work. In the past, employers believed they could build a great employee experience by piling on more dollars and for many that was true…but not today, not in this market.

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Examples of positions we provide but not limited to:

Cloud Computing Engineer, Computer Network Specialist.
Database Administration, Database Architect.
Information Security Specialist, Cybersecurity Specialist.
Software/Application Developer, Web Developer.
Information Technologist, Analyst, QA Tester.
Production Engineer, Health & Safety Specialist, Plant Manager.
C / D / VP Level Executive Search.
Engineering Project Manager, Construction Project Manager.
Project Estimator, Project Controller.
Legal, Human Resource roles, Payroll Specialist.
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Why Human Resources is Critical to Business Strategies:

Organizations that thrive are those best able to align their culture to their strategy. But transforming workforce culture is difficult.

It means undoing unspoken ‘rules’ and challenging unconscious behaviors. It determines what people do when no one is telling them what to do. Let GemTek assist in helping with these issues by creating a true partnership.

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