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With over two decades of experience, we prioritize building meaningful relationships through a consultative approach, fostering respect for clients, candidates, and employees alike. Leveraging our cutting-edge AI process and transparent approach, we stand as a leading recruiting company in both the USA & Canada, delivering industry-leading results and exceptional customer service. 

Trust GemTek Recruiting to be your preferred partner for modern, transformative hiring processes.

Connective Intelligence is our groundbreaking recruitment solution that combines the power of advanced AI with a reliable commitment to genuine human interaction (“H” Factor).  

Gemtek Connective Intelligence

Where AI Meets Human Interaction

Connective Intelligence is our groundbreaking recruitment process that combines the power of advanced AI with a reliable commitment to genuine human interaction. We call it ‘The H-Factor).

With Connective Intelligence, we understand that true success lies in the human connection, with our clients and candidates. That’s why our AI platform is infused with a dedicated tailored experience that addresses the unique needs of both clients and candidates, ensuring exeptional outcomes.

GemTek pioneers adaptive solutions for modern hiring challenges, staying ahead in technology and workforce trends.

Utilizing cutting-edge AI tools, GemTek boosts hiring precision and efficiency, seamlessly connecting clients with top talent in the digital era.

GemTek embraces changing work patterns, supporting remote work and flexible schedules in recruitment strategies that go beyond traditional norms

With a strong commitment, GemTek values diversity and inclusion, shaping recruitment processes to attract talent from varied backgrounds, fostering inclusive workplaces.

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Founder & CEO, GemTek &
International Best Selling Author

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Senior Director, Operations & Sales