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Businesses come to GemTek for solutions that help them reach their full people & HR potential.

Our exclusive, tailored services are designed to help businesses grow, and our team of experts have the knowledge and experience necessary to make it happen.

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GemTek is the leading provider of comprehensive recruitment staffing solutions.
We work with some of the world's most talented professionals to make your hiring process a breeze.
Types of roles we've filled:

Software/Application Developer, Web Developer, Architect, ETL Developer.
Network Engineer, Software Engineer & QA Tester.
Legal / Regulatory Council, Compliance, and Regulatory.
C-Suite, VP, D, & other various leadership roles.
Engineering Project Manager, Construction PM, Health & Safety, Maintenance Supervisors.
Information Security Specialist & Cybersecurity Specialist.
Health & Safety, Director of Operations & Site Manager.

Meet the Founder & CEO.

Gina E. Matteson

Founder & CEO

An experienced and talented sales, marketing, and recruiting strategist with a reputation for success. With over two decades of experience driving revenue growth in competitive markets across North America I bring a passionate approach to my work that values relationships above all else. My consultative style ensures clients, candidates, and employees are given the highest level of respect as we collaborate to find mutually beneficial solutions!

As the Founder & CEO of GemTek, a well-seasoned professional services and recruitment firm with experience on both sides of the border, we're helping businesses achieve success through our refreshingly transparent approach. By forging strong partnerships that keep them ahead in an ever-changing landscape, GemTek is becoming their go-to for staying competitive.

I have always been driven by a can-do spirit throughout my professional career, embracing true collaboration as the foundation for all endeavors. I strive to lead with integrity and am prepared to articulate why this is more than just an empty slogan - living it out in tangible ways every day.

In addition to GemTek, on her inspiring journey, Gina Matteson recently released her debut novel - A Thousand Masks. This thrilling story of Anastasia Rose is proof that no matter the challenges we face in life, strength and courage are what prevails. Through examining our own traumas, we can learn to forgive ourselves and move forward with brighter horizons! Illuminate your pathway by taking one courageous step at a time. For more information:

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This is Gina. She is GemTek.

Gina E. Matteson

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